RCO Google Accounts

Registered campus organizations (RCOs) are eligible for free UCI Google accounts as part of a partnership between the Office of Campus Organizations and Volunteer Programs (COVP) and the Office of Information Technology (OIT).


  • organization must be registered and in good standing with the Office of Campus Organizations and Volunteer Programs (COVP)
  • applicant must be a current officer/signer as verifiable in campusgroups.uci.edu
  • only 1 account per organization


You may pick your own username; however, since a username is representative of an organization's name, it is subject to policy 70.40 - Use of University Name of the Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students. This means, usernames cannot begin with 'uci' because although UCI recongizes campus organizations, they are not officially part of the University infrastructure in the same way an official department or program would be.

  1. Check the UCI directory to make sure the username is not already in use.
  2. Usernames must be 4-32 alpha-numeric (or hyphen) characters in length.
  3. Usernames must be descriptive of your group's name and purpose.
  4. If granted, your group will have both a GroupUCInetID, e.g. 'username' and a UCI email address, 'username@uci.edu'.

Usernames cannot be changed; however, if an organization has a dramatic name change, a new account with a new username can be made. Once the new account becomes available, the old account will soon deactivate.

NOTE: When logging in to Google, the full email address is entered as the username but only the UCInetID is used on the UCI login page which follows.


Use of the account is bound to the terms of the UCI Computer and Network Use Policy, where applicable. For example, accounts cannot be used for commercial purposes, sending SPAM, harrassment, or other purposes which may be considered abuse or abusive. Furthermore, campus organizations are recognized by the University but do not officially represent UCI so they may not use official branding or wordmarks, and they are limited in the use of its name to indicate geographic location only. (See 'username selection' above)

Account Requests

Read information about eligibility, usernames, and Terms of Use before applying.
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