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Importing .ics files into Outlook for Mac

Section 1

iCal .ics files are commonly used to import meetings and events from one calendar system into another.  Once downloaded, these files can be imported into Outlook calendars, but the method may not be obvious for Mac users.

METHOD 1 - Drag and Drop

  • Download .ics file
  • Drag and drop .ics file to either of the following targets...
    1. Outlook icon in the "dock" at the bottom of the screen
    2. Outlook calendar grid (any day of week or month)

Regardless of what day was selected for the drop, the import process will be initiated for whatever dates/times are contained in the .ics file.

METHOD 2 - Change which application "Opens" .ics files

  • Download .ics file
  • Right-click on file and select "Get Info" (or click once on file and select "File" > "Get Info" from top menu bar)
  • Change "Open with:" to Microsoft Outlook
  • Click "Change All..." button so that all future .ics files will also open in Outlook

When you double-click any .ics file, Outlook will attempt to open it and start the import process.