Student Life and Leadership IT

Microsoft 365 for Student Workers and New Hires

How to Order


Some departments in Student Life & Leadership require Microsoft 365 accounts for student workers or new hires who do not yet have M365 accounts.  Most new professional staff automatically get M365 accounts created; however, contract employees from the Temporary Services pool will often need M365 accounts ordered manually. 

Usually for students, these accounts are needed for Teams communications but may also include providing access to OneDrive cloud storage, staff calendars and scheduling, or MS Office applications.

  • Go to the OIT Service Catalog for Accounts & Access
  • Select Access Request Form - For OIT Managed Departments
    1. Create/Change pc Login Account/Exchange (O365) Account
    2. Name of the user
      • Use the search to find and select the person
      • Search by UCInetID to get unique results
      • The following fields should then auto-fill : Name, UCInetID, Department, Manager
      • Use "Student LIfe & Leadership" for department if auto-populate does not work as expected
    3. User's contact number
      • Enter the main phone number for your department
    4. Employee Start Date
      • Enter start date or today's date if already started
    5. What department shared folders and/or shared mailboxes does this person need permissions to?
      • Enter "n/a" unless your department uses a fileshare and you know what to put
    6. Is an exchange/O365/Teams/Outlook account needed?
      • Enter "Yes"
    7. Is this user a student?
      • Enter "Yes" for student workers
      • Enter "No" for newly hired professional staff

Optionally, enter a descriptive comment such as "Teams account for student worker (department name)".

Save the REQ numbers for each request and promptly send to Patrick Tsuchihashi for follow-up. If you have more than 1 to do, please try to do them in batches.

Recommended Follow-up for Student Workers

Once your student worker has access to the account, we recommend setting up email forwarding so that if any email comes into the account, it will be forwarded to the student's Google account.  This is necessary because Outlook favors/prefers other M365 accounts so if a UCI staff member sends email to the student, the auto-complete will use the student's M365 address by default.  If forwarding is not set, the student will probably never see the message.

  2. Click gear icon near upper right for settings
  3. Click "View all Outlook Settings"
  4. Click "Forwarding"
  5. Click "Enable forwarding" and enter your UCI email address

Any email coming in directly to the M365 account will auto-forward to the given UCI email address.

Microsoft 365